Whether it’s ocean life, human life, animal life, or something alive that doesn’t even breathe, biology can get pretty awesome.

Biology is the most wide ranged science, with hundreds of different branches- and each and every person who studies at least one of these branches gets to do some amazing things. Like Diving down deep into what seems like a bottomless ocean to discover certain organisms, or looking into a scope that magnifies 10,000,000x beyond what the eye can see, or even going out in the woods to record and take pictures of wildlife!

Now, I’m not a biologist so I can’t imagine how it must feel to be so close to nature like that, literally! On my biology page, I will be writing and documenting my experiences, opinions, or what I have just learned with biology. The funny thing is, I won’t be going outside to learn biology. I’m going to sit at my desk and read about other people’s experiences and learn from them. It sure won’t be as fun as what real biologists have, but I’m pretty down with learning.