The Ethics of The Flood

Ethics and sanctions played a key part in the story of Noah and the Flood. God was angered by the fact that His creation did not meet His expectations. Mankind was troubled, filled with envy and hatred for each other. God grieved this behavior, so he decided to paint over the canvas, and destroy every man and beast that He once created with a flood that lasted 40 days. Before the flood, God felt that he had to punish all sinful men, but decided to spare one man and his family, Noah. For Noah saw grace in God’s eyes. God instructed Noah to build an ark and to put two of every animal on it, along with his family. God explained to Noah that the earth was corrupt and violent, and it had to change. After 40 days, and 40 nights of rain, it finally came to an end, for Noah has watched one of his doves come flying towards him with an olive branch, then Noah knew. God then promised Noah that He will never flood the earth again, and stamped it with a rainbow in the sky.

God had trouble seeing the fact that mankind was imperfect, unlike Himself. Through God’s grace and mercy that mankind is saved.

Picture Credit: The Orthodox Life

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