When Rookie Meets Universe

Currently, my physical being is present in a place few people have dared to experience. I’m weightless, relaxed, and free. The only thing that separates me from the stars, are these titanium walls, and this glass pane my eyes are gleaming through. It feels like I’m completely alone in the universe, it’s astonishing. My name is Tavia Green, and I’m an astronaut.

It has been my dream to travel the universe and go places no human has gone before. Presently, my nerves of excitement are clouding my ability to focus. It’s my first trip by myself; the pressure builds as it gets closer to my first spacewalk. My plans: travel to outskirts of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and collect 2.2 lbs of asteroid dust. As of right now, this timid feeling is overwhelming me, no one has ever been this close to the asteroid belt. Am I good enough? Experienced enough? It’s too late to turn back now. Alas, it‘s time to carry out my mission. I slide on my suit, fasten my helmet and “leash”, then begin to close the interior doors and exit the spacecraft. It didn’t take long until I was on the other side of the glass floating with the stars. A 20ft rope, or “leash”, is attached to my suit to keep me from drifting away. As much as I want to stay and dilly-dally forever, I have 10 minutes of air and an empty tight seal bag waiting to be filled with asteroid dust.

As I’m collecting my resources, I notice a small little speck, out in the distance. Cautiously, I “swim” towards what seems to be- a star? A comet? Wait- It looks like another planet! How is that possible? This planet is hidden from sight- it’s impossible to spot it from earth. I swiftly pull myself, and the bag of asteroid dust, towards the ship. Now that my mission is accomplished, I inform my space station, then start heading towards the mystical planet.

It felt like years trying to reach the planet; only 3 days have past, and the mysterious silver planet’s pores are now visible. I still have doubts that this is a new discovery, though I’ve never read about any other planet like this one in my research. I can’t possibly be a founder of a new planet, it’s ridiculous, right? It’s been five days- I’ve finally reached the surface! My uncertainty fades away as my space station announces that this is indeed a safe revelation and gives me the go-ahead. Before heading out to explore, I check the environmental status. Amazing- this cryptic planet has the same oxygen and nitrogen level as earth! In addition to an identical a gravitational force of 9.807 m/s^2. It has been determined that this planet, is habitable. Until further research on this newly discovered planet, I will continue to wear the proper space suit out of caution.

An overwhelming feeling of agitation spreads throughout my body as I wait for the shuttle doors to open. The first crack of light begins to frame the 6ft falling door; it’s getting bigger by the second until- it drops- creating a cloud of smoke surrounding the inclined plane. I step onto the ramp this door has made; it feels as if I’m walking off a ship from the ocean and onto the dock- except the sight I’m witnessing, isn’t baitwells and fishy shacks.

The sky is teal, much like earth, with shiny grey clouds. Silk threads pouring from the sky, as if they were feathers, swinging down gracefully like gentle rain. Although no sound passes my space helmet, the pools of mist in the ground seem like they emit a tingly-spray sound; like the release of air when you squeeze a sealed plastic bag. No trees or water- but mountains in the distance that look like they reach the stars. I take my first step on this planet, the words of Neil Armstrong running through my head. As I stand on the hard rock ground, I shout a name for this planet. Continuing the tradition of naming planets after Gods from Greek Mythology, this gorgeous place is now called, Apollo.

On this mission, I’ve accomplished beyond what I planned. My confidence in my ability to identify and experiment has increased phenomenally. The feeling of discovery and self-reliance has pushed me to fulfill my dreams- that I never thought would come true. My name is Tavia Green, and I am one of the best astronauts in the universe.

Picture Credit: cargocollective

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